Paul Abdella - Biography

I began my art training in 1975 at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I studied painting with the late Birney Quick. In 1976 I began a ten-year career as a successful freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and painter.

In 1985 I began studying painting full time with master painter Richard Lack. Lack was an exponent of the Boston School of Painting that formed at the end of the nineteenth century. I spent the next four years studying the techniques of the Boston School, which successfully combined French Neo-Classical painting techniques with those of the French Impressionists. I was selected for an additional year of study with Lack, who taught the principles of Allegorical/Imaginative painting and the underpainting methods of the Flemish and Venetian schools.

I work full time in my studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, painting commissioned works and personal subjects that are rich in the subtleties of space, time, and light.